MySQL remote access setup in cPanel

Inexpensive shared servers, like the one is using, include MySQL database software that you might be able to access from other servers or computers. But when you try to look up how to do this, you are likely to get instructions that are out-of-date and that appear more complicated than the process actually is.

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Read-me-first Shiny tutorial III: debugging with print statements

Now that we’ve examined Shiny buzzers and butlers, let’s look at how we might debug a Shiny app that won’t run right. Again, we’ll start with the code Shiny currently autoloads when you create a new Shiny Web App in RStudio:

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A totally different, read-me-first Shiny tutorial

Shiny is the package for adding a web interface to the R statistical language. The Shiny team provides a tutorial, articles, examples, a reference guide, a question and answer forum, conference videos from 2016 and 2017, and a GitHub repository.

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Project code added to repositories

I have placed the current project code, which is a functioning single-user (on your own computer) version, in both repositories. It’s called RCT. The version of RCT in my personal account includes the data files for the vitamin D project; the version in the Open-Meta account does not and is ready to be used on a new project.

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How to manage multiple GitHub accounts with RStudio

One thing about Git and GitHub that has had me puzzled was how to connect RStudio to two different GitHub accounts, my personal account and the Open-Meta account. My Google searches were turning up nothing on this.

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