Stage 1 Review Cleanup

I mentioned at the end of my first post on Stage 1 Review that I was surprised both by how many articles had no abstract and by how easy it often was to find those articles online. However, I didn’t realize this when I started reviewing but about half-way through.

So I’ve gone back and looked at the articles that received a Stage 1 Pass but had a blank abstract and discovered through online lookups that some of these should not have passed. There were only three that I couldn’t find online.

Then I took a second look at the six marked Not in English to see if I could do anything with them. Two of the six could be recategorized as NVI – Not D3. The other four weren’t available online. So I’ve asked my library to see if it can get .pdfs of those seven remaining articles.

I also created a new review category called Bad Citation that now has two articles in it. One was unintentionally published in two journals and was retracted in one of them. The other’s citation doesn’t match anything in that journal’s online data – it may also have been retracted.

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