Project code added to repositories

I have placed the current project code, which is a functioning single-user (on your own computer) version, in both repositories. It’s called RCT. The version of RCT in my personal account includes the data files for the vitamin D project; the version in the Open-Meta account does not and is ready to be used on a new project.

At the moment, RCT will record data about individual searches, allow you to upload bibliographies, and facilitate Stage 1 review. In very broad strokes, what remains to be done is:

  • data storage is currently on the local drive in a single file; it needs to be online and facilitate multiple users,
  • the code needs to be moved online and debugged in that context,
  • protocol registration needs to be added,
  • further analysis of Stage 1 coding needs to be added (e.g, Prisma diagram),
  • Stage 2 coding needs to be added,
  • meta-analysis needs to be added.

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