How Shiny’s invalidateLater() actually works

Shiny’s invalidateLater() function, if you know about it at all, probably doesn’t work the way you think it does. Moreover, the way it actually does work, it turns out, is way cooler than the way it appears to work!

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Read-me-first Shiny tutorial IV: understanding the ui variable

Even the simplest Shiny program has two parts, a ui variable and a server function. When you’re just getting started, it appears these parts are of equal importance. But eventually you realize that it’s all about the server function. The ui is such a nothing that in this tutorial we’ll nearly get rid of it.

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Read-me-first Shiny tutorial III: debugging with print statements

Now that we’ve examined Shiny buzzers and butlers, let’s look at how we might debug a Shiny app that won’t run right. Again, we’ll start with the code Shiny currently autoloads when you create a new Shiny Web App in RStudio:

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A totally different, read-me-first Shiny tutorial

Shiny is the package for adding a web interface to the R statistical language. The Shiny team provides a tutorial, articles, examples, a reference guide, a question and answer forum, conference videos from 2016 and 2017, and a GitHub repository.

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