How to manage multiple GitHub accounts with RStudio

One thing about Git and GitHub that has had me puzzled was how to connect RStudio to two different GitHub accounts, my personal account and the Open-Meta account. My Google searches were turning up nothing on this.

Then as I was going through the GitHub account settings, I tripped over the one that offers to turn an account into an organization. The page includes no additional information, so I Googled github organizations. The first page that came up included the following tip:

It may be tempting to have more than one user account, such as for personal use and business use, but you only need one account.

That’s when I turned the Open-Meta GitHub account into an organization. As an organization, the account allows multiple individual accounts to make changes. Seems right for an open source project. Since I made myself one of those individuals, I can now access the Open-Meta GitHub account when logged in with my personal GitHub account.


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