Random assignment failure rates when group size is 1,500 or smaller

Assigning subjects to treatment and control groups randomly is called random assignment. Although random assignment creates a statistical expectation that the characteristics of the two groups will be the same, it has a remarkably high failure rate.

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Alternatives to the Open-Meta.app

The vision for the Open-Meta app is that it will unleash the power to discover what’s real to anyone who is willing to work in the open, subject to the review of others.

It should be both useful in itself as a tool and useful for teaching best practices in reviewing and synthesizing research.

It should support the entire process of creating a systematic review and meta-analysis, from writing a project protocol based on the PRISMA-P guidelines, to uploading citations from academic databases, through stage 1 review, data extraction, and statistical analysis, to downloading graphics, tables, and bibliographies for publication.

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