Start. Then fix.

Hi, I’m Tom. Back when I was a Boy Scout, to get the 1st Class badge, you had to learn Morse Code, the language of telegraphs. Yes, this was awhile ago. Telegraphs made just one sound, so your options were a short sound (aka dit), a long sound (aka dah), and silence.

I created yesterday. The first question I faced was what domain name to choose for a project about open, crowd-sourced, meta-analysis. I came up with several options, but as I considered the possibilities I realized that my most successful project ever was called Open-Apple. So I checked, was available ( without a dash was not), and I snagged it.

Open-Apple was a newsletter about the Apple II computer. It was named after the Open-Apple key on the Apple II keyboard, which was to the left of the space bar. The logo for the newsletter included a graphic representing that part of the keyboard. In Morse Code it was dit-dah.

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